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What is the Oklahoma Securities Commission?
Recent Enforcement Actions
Watkins, Rodney Larry Jr. [CRD 3091936]
Order Granting Appellants’ Request for Oral Argument [OSC 15-001]    Filed: 11/21/2014
Respondents' Brief in Support of their Petition for Review of Administrator's Order to Cease and Desist and Imposing Civil Penalties [OSC 15-001]    Filed: 11/20/2014
Order Denying Appellants’ Application for Stay of Administrator’s Order [OSC 15-001]    Filed: 11/20/2014
Appellants Respectfully Request Oral Argument [OSC 15-001]    Filed: 11/20/2014
2001 Trinity Fund, LLC and Arrowood, Robert C.
ODS' Motion for Commission to take Deposition Out of State [Richard Machina]    Filed: 11/19/2014
ODS' Motion to Bifurcate Trial Issues and to Establish Claims Procedure with Brief in Support    Filed: 11/19/2014
Seabrooke Realty and Seabrooke, Tom
Order Regarding Compensation for Tom Seabrooke and Karyn Seabrooke    Filed: 11/14/2014
Defendants’ Objection to ODS’ Motion to Retain Commission for Sale of Property    Filed: 11/14/2014
Notice of Striking of Hearing (on FNB-Weatherford’s intervention motion)    Filed: 11/13/2014
RAF Operating, LLC fka Big Oil, LLC
Notice of Hearing on ODS' Motion to Dismiss [CJ-2012-0005 Okfuskee County]    Filed: 11/12/2014

2013 Investment Adviser
Briefing & Update